Breaking Code Silence has been busy! We have accomplished an incredible amount in just the last few weeks.

The Activism Model & Training Team is at work creating an easily accessible training guide to bring a safe, effective, and appropriate strategic model of activism that empowers us to multiply our reach and create historic change.

The Legislation Team has created regional teams and specific task forces, discussed federal legislative objectives, and scheduled meetings with new and established contacts.

Internal and community Communication Teams have launched the weekly State of Breaking Code Silence website report and our monthly Breaking Code Silence Newsletter to share updates with all of our volunteers, the greater survivor community, and the general public.

The Reporting Team has created a streamlined reporting process for survivors reporting ethical violations.

The Program Investigation Team has continued with ongoing investigations into multiple programs accused of institutionalized child abuse.  This team has grown rapidly and has created specialized teams to look into specific programs.

The Media Team has created a press guide to aid survivor volunteers with press engagement, began looking into unique opportunities for new publication forums, and has taken a carefully crafted approach to empowering survivors to share stories and bring about opportunities for awareness and partnership. The media team produced a community video that inspired and united survivors in supporting each other and creating change for future generations.

The Administrative Team has created an onboarding guide, internal communications guide, code of conduct, and several other policies to guide daily operations and culture of the organization.

We have linked with expert advisors to equip survivor volunteers with skills to improve interpersonal effectiveness and emotional management in order to empower survivors to approach daunting tasks with composure.

We are intentionally creating a healthy community that honors and holds space for all survivors. This includes a coalition to assist survivors with eating disorders and task forces to focus on diversity and inclusion (for both BIPOC and queer survivors). To accomplish this, we have written and submitted two grant proposals, including one with Breaking Code Silence Advisor Misha Osherovich.

We have begun to reestablish relationships with community partners and survivor-led groups.

Infrastructure is being built every day. We have established a new volunteer sign-up system and created a way to organize and onboard volunteers. So far, we have onboarded 62 volunteers, and we have 23 more scheduled for interviews with 78 others invited. *We have contacted all volunteers.  If you have not heard from us, check spam or email

We are becoming a force to be reckoned with. We are here to make this world a safer and more inclusive place for all, and we could not do it without this amazing community of survivors and advocates.

Together, WE are Breaking Code Silence!