What a month! Breaking Code Silence volunteers are working hard and making progress on numerous projects and programs throughout May.

The Activism Model & Training Team is at work creating an easily accessible training guide to bring a safe, effective, and appropriate strategic model of activism that empowers us to multiply our reach and create historic change.

The Administrative Team has created an onboarding guide, internal communications guide, code of conduct, and several other policies to guide daily operations and the culture of the organization.

Our skillful Information Security Team has been updating our website with new and previously developed content, helping our social media volunteers with strategy, and digitizing old program footage.

The Mission Control Team remains dedicated to sharing weekly updates of progress by all teams, as well as making sure those updates are shared with our community of survivors, advocates, and supporters.

Our Legislation Team has made significant strides in building out our Federal coalition for the introduction of our upcoming bill. Our partnerships will be announced publicly soon!

The Media Relations Team aired the “We are BCS” live event at the beginning of May (YouTube link), announcing our official status as a nonprofit organization. The team made a new partnership with Chula Vista Safe to stop a new Acadia facility from being built.

The Breaking News and Awareness Teams have published multiple breaking news articles, available on the Breaking Code Silence HUB. They also sent a guest speaker to the “I Don’t Get It” podcast.

Your friendly Breaking Code Silence Facebook Group Moderation Team has been implementing new rules and policies to shift our community space toward a more welcoming and supportive group culture. As tough topics and difficult situations arise in the group, the team has been meeting to discuss the best uniform courses of action – as these finalize, the group  will release a document so that our mods, volunteers, and our general community members are all able to get on the same page, and know exactly what mod actions they can expect in a given situation.

After a team meeting in early May, the Program Investigation team has been working on a complete timeline of the Troubled Teen Industry, as well as a complete database of every RTC/BOARDING SCHOOL/SECULAR PROGRAM/FAITH BASED PROGRAMS/ETC. It will be one of the largest and most detailed databases available.

The Reporting Team has been working with the Enthusiastic Sobriety Abuse Alliance to assist in ethics reporting for survivors waiting to come forward, as well as continuing with the large group Montana ethics complaint.

The Social Media Team has been sharing resources throughout May in honor of Mental Health Awareness month. They’ve been developing strategies to best use our platforms to grow awareness and provide resources for survivors and families.

The Thought Reform Thursdays Facebook page, produced by volunteer Lisa Spears, has been the place for lively discussion topics and weekly, informative articles. May 13th’s topic for TRT was how to help a loved one who is trapped in a cult or pro-program. We recommend that all survivors give it a read.

We welcome new volunteers! Please join us and click this link to sign up. So far, we have onboarded over 100 volunteers, with several more scheduled for interviews in the next week. We are intentionally creating a healthy community that honors and holds space for all survivors.

We are becoming a force to be reckoned with. We are here to make this world a safer and more inclusive place for all, and we could not do it without this amazing community of survivors and advocates.