Breaking Code Silence is the only nonprofit organization of its kind and is engaged in groundbreaking work. Because we are a rapidly developing organization spanning several disciplines, our interns have the opportunity to apply skills, create programs, develop projects, and engage in a muli-disciplinary team. Our organization is trauma-informed, international, and completely remote.

We operate across five divisions, with some projects including two or more divisions: Admin/Strategic planning, Advocacy, Awareness, Legislation, and Research. We have a flat structure meaning we are not a traditional power structure. Power goes out, not down. Our volunteers are part of self-managing teams.

Breaking Code Silence is composed primarily of survivors of institutional abuse. By joining together and sharing our talents, strengths, time and passions, we are creating change. Join us and be a part of the movement creating change to protect vulnerable youth.

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Come join us in this important work!


Breaking Code Silence regularly has open positions for volunteer opportunities and internships.

As an organization, Breaking Code Silence has two primary goals: 1) eradicating institutional child abuse, and 2) empowering hundreds of thousands of survivors in the United States to heal themselves and promote positive social change through positive self-advocacy. Breaking Code Silence utilizes education, outreach, research, and community organizing to protect the civil and human rights of youth.

Breaking Code Silence is committed to building and protecting an inclusive workspace that embraces and affirms the whole identities, backgrounds, lived experiences, and individual perspectives of our staff, interns, and volunteers. We celebrate the diversity of our teams as it pertains to ethnicity, race, color, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability, size, religion, national origin, and/or juvenile or criminal justice involvement.

Breaking Code Silence is an equal opportunity employer.



Academic Research

Data Collection & Cleaning, Coding, Literature Review, Meta-Analyses, White Papers, etc

Program Investigation

Collect records, scrape internet, and compile program data

Information Storage

Data base we need volunteers to add to the program database


Relationship building, state audits, position papers, etc. Legislation is in full swing and we will train our volunteers.


Assist families with reporting and filing, create documents (timelines, statements of fact, etc) for reports, collect program data, admin/mod a private group for families trying to free their child. *All positions engaging families must pass a background check.


Advocating for ethical mental health and developing trauma-informed care.

Social Media

Create content and post on socials (TikTok, Insta, reddit etc), graphics, etc

Content and Editing

Create original content for website, “breaking news” team, monthly newsletter, drafting position papers for whole org, editing for all divisions, blog posts, etc.

Web Development

Web design, content writers, SEO, graphic designers, media etc.


Google ads, web presence, increasing awareness of the cause and the organization.


Information storage, communications, policy and procedures, accounting, people and project management, web development, SEO, fundraising, grant writing. *Administrative volunteers urgently needed throughout*

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