Celebrating Utah SB 127

Survivors Caroline Lorson, Paris Hilton, Chelsea Maldonado, and Jeff Netta

Legislative Team Chelsea Maldonado and Caroline Lorson

Legislative Team Chelsea Maldonado and Caroline Lorson

Recently Breaking Code Silence took part in two important initiatives.

Utah SB127:

SB127 imposes the first meaningful regulations on troubled teen industry programs in the U.S. in 15 years. This legislation requires programs to allow multiple unannounced site visits, prohibits the use of pain, humiliation and silence as punishment, requires programs allow contact between parents and children, and takes steps towards eliminating chemical and mechanical restraints.
Rise Justice Labs: 
Breaking Code Silence just completed Rise Justice Labs 12-week legislative accelerator, in which we learned about the processes and techniques needed to pass our first bill. Rise not only taught us what we needed for Utah, and helped us navigate that process, but also has given us the tools and backing to begin working on federal legislation. We’re so grateful to this team for everything we’ve learned and hope to continue this valuable partnership moving forward.