Zotero is a free and open-source reference management system to manage bibliographic and data and research materials. Some of the good features include web browser integration, online syncing, etc. Survivors have long needed a collective archive of historic documents, news stories, records, etc in a centralized location. Without copying other people’s content, we will be able to use Zotero to organize and search content by topic, program, and date – even if it’s hosted on another activist’s page. The hope is that this archive will make it easy for survivors, parents, reporters, documentary makers, researchers, and even law enforcement to quickly find relevant information about a specific program, program owner, etc.

Currently, the archive has over 7,500 articles, documents, and pieces on it. Over the new few months, we will be adding tens of thousands of articles, documents, etc.

To use the archive, navigate to https://www.zotero.org/groups/4288739/breaking_code_silence/library in your browser.

Once there, you will see several folders on your left-hand pane.

Documents, articles, research, and records that pertain to specific programs are under the Programs folder.

In each of these subfolders, you will find additional information about that program.

By clicking on a folder, you will see the content in the middle pane.

On the bottom left-hand pane, you can also see tags for the folder you highlight. If you click on the top Breaking Code Silence, you can see ALL the tags for the library. Almost every item is tagged by program, state, etc and you may filter by tag to see documents and articles related to the state, program, etc.

For non-program-specific information, navigate to the General Non-Program Specific folder. This folder will have a wealth of research information regarding government, legal, news, and cult-specific articles and documents.

Another interesting folder that people might be interested in is the Propheets/Seminar Scripts. These sub-folders include the scripts for CEDU, CEDU spin-offs, and WWASP programs.