Three Points Center (2014-present) La Verkin/Hurricane, UT

Residential Treatment Center

History and Background Information

Three Points Center is a WWASP-affiliated behavior modification that was founded in 2014 by Dr. Norm Thibault. While Three Points Center was not opened under WWASP, it is very likely to be affiliated with WWASP as it employs many former WWASP employees. Three Points is marketed as a co-ed Residential Treatment Center for adopted teenagers aged 12 – 17. They report that the average length of stay is around 12 months. Three Points Center has been a NATSAP member since 2014.

The program was originally located in the former location of Cross Creek Manor (a notoriously abusive and now-closed WWASP program) at 150 N State St, La Verkin, UT 84745. In 2018, it moved to its current location at 1500 E 2700 S, Hurricane, UT 84737, which is the former location of Diamond Ranch Academy and Olympus Academy, two other WWASP-affiliated programs.

Founders and Notable Staff

Dr. Norm Thibault is the founder and owner of Three Points Center. Thibault (pronounced T-bo) formerly worked as a Therapist at Cross Creek Academy (Source), which was a notoriously abusive and now-closed WWASP program. He also worked as a Therapist at Liahona Academy (Source). He was also the Founder and Owner of Family Life Therapy Center, PC in St. George, UT. Thibault’s LinkedIn Profile

Thane Palmer is the current Clinical Director of Three Points Center. He was previously a Therapist at Liahona Academy. Like Thibault, Palmer also began his career in residential treatment as a Therpist at Cross Creek Academy, in La Verkin, UT. Link to Cross Creek HEAL Page.

Katie Soli currently works as Clinical Director of Three Points Center. She previously worked as a therapist at Diamond Ranch Academy.

Dr. Mayer Jeppson is the current Psychological Assessment Specialist at Three Points Center. He is also the current Psychological Assessment Specialist at Diamond Ranch Academy. He previously worked as a Therapist at Second Nature.

Jake Roberts is the current Advanced Practice (Psychiatry) Registered Nurse at Three Points Center. He previously worked as the Nurse at Diamond Ranch Academy.

Garth Lasater is the Assistant Program Director at Three Points Center. He previously worked as a Therapist at Cross Creek Programs. He also is/was the Executive Director of Ashcreek Ranch Academy.

Program Structure

No information is currently known about the program structure at TPC. If you attended this program and would like to contribute information to help complete this page, please contact

Abuse and Investigations

There have been many allegations of abuse against Three Points Center. No lawsuits have resulted, but TPC has only been around for a short amount of time.

On March 11th 2020, a resident at Three Points Center reportedly threw a rock at one of the staff mentors, narrowly grazing his cheek. The staff mentor then turned to the teen who was closest to him (who had not thrown the rock) and open-hand slapped him across the face. The teen who threw the rock then stated that he had been the one who threw the rock, and the staff mentor then walked over and open-hand slapped the other teen across the cheek. The staff member was subsequently fired.

Survivor/Parent Testimonies

9/19/2019 (SURVIVOR) “It’s been 5 years since I posted my initial review of this s-hole. And I’ve recently learned that the same morally compromised, abusive, holier than thou criminals are running this place. If you really want to make sure your kids life is ruined for good- send them here! I can guarantee a few things: they will never, ever trust you again, and probably no one else either. They will have nightmares about this place for the rest of their lives, I’m 40 and I still have them. They will likely become (or remain) drug addict/alcoholics to escape this trauma- I’ve been sober 10 years, no thanks to the “program” they “offer”.Tearing you down to nothing… there is no building you back up. Period. This will NOT solve the problems you are having you are better off burning your savings! There’s a new doc on YouTube This is Paris, let her tell you what it’s like if you don’t believe me.” – Jenn P. (Yelp)

8/13/2020 (SURVIVOR) “Please do not send your kids here. They fire the staff that really cares for the children and leave the abusive incapable staff that get a kick out of abusing the children. These kids already have issues and they use those issues and mess with their minds. Physical mental as emotional abuse.” – Haydee B. (Yelp)

9/18/2018 (SURVIVOR) “My name is Michael and I went there and I was abused bad… they made me kneel on rocks on Easter for playing bloody knuckles /devin Thane’s son / and had a broken hand and waited 3-4 hours and didn’t get even a Advil, I tossed urine in the hall and the staff plotted to take me out of bed in the night and then carpet burned my face in my own urine and I started a riot and the stuff I went through didn’t help it’s a joke ! I got out and went back to meth to deal with trauma but I eventually had to talk to god when I hit rock bottom and now I’m clean for over a year and a half and what I learned is that my friends are still in there and this place is just for parents money. I’m writing this 2 years later let me remind you. Also Utah is one of the biggest states for bi-sexual teens and they scare you to be straight. That’s messed up on so many levels. Every night we heard girls screaming and had my property thrown out of my room because I couldn’t sleep so all my boys stayed up with me and they thought “swat should come “, thane Palmer. He also has never answered one of the 6 phone calls w/ voicemails. This goes to show they don’t care and any parent that sends their kid here. You make me sick! I’ve been dragged out of the shower naked for staying in too long over 3 mins . I honestly think all the parents should sue because all these kids know what happened to us and I will never be the same. I’m terrified of going out to eat, using the restroom, the fear is real believe it or not. But I sure didn’t become a better person except that I learned from my mistakes by myself no one helped me. This place is a joke with staff asking freshly 18 year olds to sign out and move into their homes and yes it was a female girl who was asked by a male staff that looks like a cantaloupe! This place disgusts me. Don’t ruin your children ! Have a mutual respect and stop trying to ditch them because that’s how it feels to be abandoned again! Keep your kids close and be their friend and have a good relationship because if you looking to send them off your messed up in the head” – Michael C. (Yelp)

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