Pride Month is a month-long celebration of the LBGTQIA+ community and the many friends, family, and allies who stand with them. This month is a time to stand proud and celebrate the self awareness, diversity, dignity, and history of the community.

LBGT History month was founded by a high-school history teacher named Rodney Wilson in Missouri, USA and it was first celebrated in 1994. The council chose to use the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots, which took place in Manhattan, New York. The demonstration of the Stonewall riots is one of the founding moments that led the LBGT community on a path of inclusion and acceptance. Now the community celebrates this history during the month of June by hosting large events from parades, concerts, charities, and more all while promoting awareness and providing a safe space for younger generations.

One of the ongoing battles our LBGTQIA+ youth face today is being sent to the ‘Troubled Teen Industry.’ These facilities are primarily focused on ‘behavioral modification’ types of therapeutic treatments for ‘troubled teens’ ranging from ages 9-17. LBGTQIA+ youth may be sent away for simply identifying as such and not meeting their parent/guardians ideal family dynamic. This creates a back door in places were conversion therapy has been banned or restricted.

Conversion therapy has been around for centuries but it has taken hold as religious freedom laws have often allowed religious based facilities to operate completely unchecked and unregulated by any government body. Currently only 20 US States have banned this practice. These therapeutic boarding schools offer an equally traumatic option for vulnerable youth and are often unregulated as well. According to the CDC, LGBTQIA+ youth are three times more likely to contemplate suicide then heterosexual youth, and five times as likely to have attempted it. Already facing such adversity makes these kids more vulnerable to the effects of tactics used within the troubled teen industry such as attack therapy. There is little known of the long term effects this type of trauma can have on adult survivors but one thing is for sure, survivors need support and we are committed to ensuring that every survivor feels welcomed and fully supported.

As our community steps into the light it is so important that we celebrate and welcome the diverse group of survivors we are. Pride Month is incredibly important to Breaking Code Silence. We understand the impact that the troubled teen industry has had on LGBTQIA+ youth and we want to ensure those in the community feel welcomed and empowered in our organization. Our courage, strength, diversity, and dignity are our weapons!

So wherever and however you celebrate this pride month, know that Breaking Code Silence sees you, hears you, stands with you, and celebrates you!

Our Pledge to You

Breaking Code Silence vows to create an inclusive space for survivors of institutionalized child abuse to gather and create impactful change for future generations. We vow to always recognize our differences as our strengths, to empower and uplift our community, and to fight passionately for equality and justice.