The Game: A Return to the Elan School – By Wayne Kernochan – Book Description: The Game: A Return to the Elan School, is the fifth book of my memoir series, and the story of the first book in this series, A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School. This book tells the history of the tough love industry from Synanon, to the Seed, to Elan and Straight it is revealed to me by survivors in the aftermath of the closing of the Elan School. When I found Danny Bennison trolling an Elan survivor group pretending to be a survivor, the first thing I felt was fear. When the fear was resolved I confronted him and said he was one of Elan’s worst abusers, and that I had written a book about it. Danny and his friends laughed and said I would never find a publisher who would go up against Elan’s lawyers, and I agreed, so I self-published on Facebook and posted chapters as I wrote or edited them.