New survivors are being created every day from these programs. Often when they leave, they aren’t aware of the avenues they have in order to report the abuse they suffered. That is one of the reasons we created the facility reporting map to easily provide survivors with information that will help empower them and report abuses.

The new facility reporting map has over 5,000 current troubled teen programs, juvenile detention centers, group homes, residential treatment centers, and wilderness programs. This map was created with the hopes to aid people in abuse from their programs and/or the staff to the local licensing bodies.

To view the map, navigate to

Here you will see the map which can be overwhelming at first from a high level:

To better find your program, click on the button on the top left-hand corner of the map to have the key fold out:

The map is organized by phased states. You can roll your mouse over each division to see which states are part of which layer.

If your program was located in one of these states, click the downward arrow to view all items.

You will now see a list of programs in alphabetical order. If you click on a program name, information about that program will pop up.

On the top of the program details, you’ll see basic demographic information about the program.

Scrolling down, you’ll see more information such as:

  • Their state licensing contact (if available)
  • How to report child abuse in that state
  • How to report HIPAA violations
  • How to report a therapist’s license in that state
  • How to report a psychologist’s license in that state
  • How to report a social worker’s license in that state
  • How to report a nurse’s license in that state
  • How to report a doctor’s license in that state

From there, a survivor can submit complaints with the appropriate agencies regarding abuses they suffered at their program.