good morning✨ soooo my song ‘everything at 18’ just passed 1 million views on tiktok! thank u!! as requested it’s now on SoundCloud :) ps it was recorded in my bathroom ~ link in bio to listen💌💓

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🤳Scrolling through social media lately, you’ve probably noticed - it’s graduation season!🎓

I am so happy for my friends and people who’ve reached the finish line of high school and/or college. It’s a milestone that deserves to be celebrated🥳

At the same time, this time of year brings me a mixed bag of feels.

In addition to the struggle of comparison-by-Instagram, I am reminded of what it means to be on a different path than what’s expected - both by society, and by my younger self.

Personally, I don’t know the pride of completing school in the traditional way - caps, gowns, diplomas, walking the stage.

4 years ago, I didn’t get to graduate high school alongside the friends I grew up with. I was sad about this for a long time.

Then, 4 months ago, I dropped out of college.

While I knew deep in my heart this was the right choice, I spent the following weeks feeling scared shitless. What was I doing?

Ultimately, this leap of faith has shown me yet again that sometimes, things fall apart before they fall together.

Freedom. Joy. Opportunity.
These are some of the things I’ve been able to experience more fully since I trusted my gut and was guided away from the what I thought my early 20’s were supposed to be.

So my message today is:

It’s okay to be on your own path.

Trust your heart when it tells you to leap.

And finally, graduating, in school, or not, who you are BEING will always carry more weight than what you are DOING.

with love,

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During this ‘rona situation, I’ve learned to be thankful for perspective.
Between 1997-2001, I spent 4.5 years falsely imprisoned in an actual lock-down institution. It was an abusive religious cult that focused on behavior modification with brain washing. It was a boarding school for “troubled” teenagers.
So, I have this reassurance:
My freedoms are not at ALL taken away from me right now.
I can call my Gramma and anyone else I want to talk to, ANYtime I want.
I can write letters or keep a journal, and they won’t be read or censored or ripped up and discarded by my abuser/s.
I can think and feel WHATEVER I want.
I can eat what I want.
I can wear pants, or none at all.
I can cry without someone telling me to “dry it up”.
I can go for a walk without being followed.
I can use the restroom and shower with full privacy.
I can make art.
I’m free to be ME. #breakingcodesilence #survivor #mytruth

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Here to remind you that #breakingcodesilence is far from over. Spring Ridge Academy is still open, as are so many other abusive cults posing as therapeutic healing places. Wondering what you can do? Donate to breaking code silence, educate your friends and family members, be a safe place for your friends/family to share their stories (a lot more children are locked up than you realize), and use your platform to help with breaking code silence. A lot of the “buzz” has died down since parishilton shared her story and encouraged others to do the same. Children are still being abused. Parents are still hiring people to (legally! 😡) kidnap their kids. Educational consultants are still profiting off of sending students to abusive schools. The educational consultant that my parents used knew almost nothing about Spring Ridge Academy and convinced my parents to send me there. If you are a parent, I beg you to educate yourself before trusting strangers to keep your children safe, because the #TTI isn’t focused on healing, it’s focused on profiting off of the abuse of vulnerable children. Don’t force your child to go through what we have gone through. I see you my fellow survivors. You are believed and your experiences are valid. ...

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Britney and Paris paved the way for celebs today... 😚😚😚

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This is SO important. And this is also something that I’m working HEAVILY on. My kids deserve the BEST version of me. ♥️ #breakingcodesilence #breakcodesilence ...

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When I was 17 I was taken against my will to a cult run by child abusing pedophiles. These people are still out there today with children locked up in their possession. We are going to expose & destroy you. It’s over for you .
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“We need to let the people responsible know that we remember. You may not hold yourselves accountable, but we DO. And we’re not a bunch of teenagers anymore. And it’s not like I’m threatening anybody. I’m just going to tell the world the truth.”

-quote from survivor in “Fix My Kid” documentary

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Hello. My name is Julia, and welcome to the Code Adam podcast.

Like many of those who have survived the ‘Troubled Teen’ industry, I found myself being taken from my bedroom at 4am by strangers to a place called Ironwood Maine, or what some like to call, a Therapeutic Boarding School. Like others before me, I was stripped of my clothes and personal belongings, blocked from any contact with the outside world, and forced to sit outside in silence. I spent 5 days in the cold, forbidden to talk to anyone. I was fourteen years old.

I learnt that I would have to earn a mattress, a pillow and free time without chores. The privilege to speak, to sit, to stand, to pour milk, to shower, and so many other basic human needs. Unless I did this, I would not be able to join the other girls on the program.

Does this sound like something you would want to run away from?

Good luck. If you try to run, they call a Code Adam, forcing all on site to stop everything and search for you until found.

Most of us tried running at least once. Some got far. Others just made it to the door.

This podcast is a safe space to share our stories of Code Adams and other experiences from our time in these programs. Join us for our first interview with Whyatt Thurman.

The interviews will be funny, a trigger, potentially therapeutic, but most importantly they are a way for our community to continue #breakingcodesilence.



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This Is Paris 💛🤍 16M & counting 🎥

So proud of you parishilton truly making a difference in the world #breakingcodesilence 🙌🏼

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I thought Brit looked stunning with a shaved head. It’s sad she was shamed so much she wasn’t able to be proud and wear it with confidence and had to hide behind wigs. Women shave their heads all the time and are celebrated. Why has Brit always been held to another standard? I love photos of Britney with her Cousin Alli. She was there for Britney in some difficult times and was always so protective. It’s sad she was threatened to be out of her life. i_am_allisims #britneyspears #allisims #cousins #protector #friend ...

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