Second Nature Entrada (2004-2014) Santa Clara, UT

Wilderness Program

History and Background Information

Second Nature Entrada was a behavior-modification program that opened in 2004. It was marketed as a Wilderness Therapy Program for teenagers (13-17) who are struggling with range of emotional and behavioral issues including depression, learning differences, oppositional defiance, attention deficit, attachment, and substance abuse disorders.

Founders and Notable Staff

Program Structure

The teenagers are separated into numbered groups of between 8 and 10 teenagers each. Like other behavior-modification programs, Second Nature Uintas uses a level system consisting of levels. The levels are reported to be:

  • Earth Phase: On this phase, the teenager has to accept their placement into the program and learn to comply with its rules. They are isolated from the other teenagers in order to increase pressure. The keywords for this phase are Orientation and Acceptance. The teenager is not allowed to talk to anyone and must complete a set of assignments before moving on to fire phase, including a ‘life story’ assignment. This phase typically lasts about a week.
  • Fire Phase: During this phase they are slowly being integrated into a peer group and given assignments within the daily framework. They have to share life story with their group and also write accountability letters to their parents. They also had to read Man’s Search for Meaning. The keywords are Accountability and Engagement. They are also given more responsibilities and privileges.
  • Water Phase: During this phase they have to show leadership skills while they continue their own work. The keywords are Investment and Insight. On this level, the teenager is deemed responsible and mature enough to handle additional privileges and responsibilities. They are also given a metal water bottle.
  • Air Phase: The student are given leadership assignments such as using a compass and a map. The keywords are Insight and Responsibility. It is reported that the staff are allowed to give these residents extra food if they choose. It is also reported that very few teenagers are actually able to achieve this phase.

It is reported that very few teenagers are allowed to go home after they complete the program. Most are sent off to other longer-term placements including Residential Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Boarding Schools. Many survivors report that they were lied to about this, and told that they would be going home after only a few weeks at Second Nature.

Abuse Allegations

Second Nature is reported by many survivors to be an abusive program. Allegations of abuse and neglect which have been reported by survivors include severe medical neglect, solitary confinement, over-medication, humiliation tactics, and restriction of food. Many survivors report that they have been diagnosed with PTSD following their time at Second Nature.

Survivor/Parent Testimonials

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