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Podcasts on the Troubled Teen Industry

Code Adam Podcast

Code Adam Podcast – This podcast is a safe space for survivors of the troubled teen industry.

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Cult Vault

The Cult Vault – A podcast offering in-depth insight into some of history’s most infamous Cults, modern-day sects and conspiracies within these groups.

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Inside the Program

  • Inside the Program – A podcast for survivors made by survivors. In each episode, Inside the Program discloses the history, the allegations, and survivor stories from each WWASP facility. With the intention to expose those responsible for the ongoing and past institutional child abuse that occurred at the hands of WWASP and its affiliates, there is no topic left undisclosed.

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Pieces of Victory

Pieces of Victory – A podcast by Victory Christian Academy survivor.

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Preacher Boys

Preacher Boys – The Preacher Boys podcast exists to shed a bright spotlight on the very real subject of mental, physical, and sexual abuse within Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches.

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Psychiatry and the Troubled Teen Industry

Psychiatry and the Troubled Teen Industry – Podcast by Dr Emmanuel Monneron where he discusses psychotherapy and the Troubled Teen Industry .

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Surviving Straight Inc

Surviving Straight Inc – This podcast is an extension of my website Surviving Straight Inc. Episodes will explore, in depth, the abusive adolescent drug rehabilitation program called Straight Incorporated that was opened from 1976 to 1993. Despite its well-known, publicized abuses in newspapers and lawsuits, Straight was still supported by many influential people including Nancy Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Straight Inc.

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The Hammer Podcast

The Hammer Podcast – A podcast interviewing everyday people on a wide variety of subjects. Features many interviews with program survivors.

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The Lost Kids

The Lost Kids – Hosted by journalist Josh Bloch (“Uncover: Escaping NXIVM”), THE LOST KIDS dives deep into the search for a missing teen, uncovering the dark and twisted business of tough-love programs for “troubled teens” and their ties to one of America’s most dangerous cults.

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The Timeout Room

The Timeout Room – Conversations and discussions about life’s challenges. Speaking truths and speaking out

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Troubled – Survivors of institutional abuse uncover cult ties, cultural lies, and societal corruption to expose the troubled teen industry. Two survivors of institutional abuse, Meredith Yannuzzi and Miranda Sullivan reunite to discuss the climate of the troubled teen industry.

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