Senate Bill 1270 is a request bill that was submitted by the parent of a survivor and introduced by Senator John Cronin of Massachusetts. This bill will grant any child placed in a Massachusetts mental health facility the right to appeal their placement through a hearing process. The two exceptions would be if the child were sentenced due to a criminal conviction, or if the child is admitted at Bridgewater State Hospital. The bill also breaks down the various iterations of “mental health facilities” that will be included in this legislation.

This bill would provide children the basic human right to speak and be heard in advocating for their best interest. The bill could also bring attention to abusive situations, whether that be an abusive facility or a dangerous family situation. Considering the stark imbalance between the reasons children are often placed in these facilities and the acute discipline they often encounter once inside, this bill will provide recourse in pursuit of fairness and justice.

Breaking Code Silence is reaching out to Senator Cronin for further collaboration, and we hope to be an active role in assisting in the passage of this important legislation.

Read the Bill here