Survivors and Friends,

We are sensitive to the strife that has been expressed within our community, but we believe in the new guiding framework of the Breaking Code Silence. The Vision of Breaking Code Silence is to prevent institutional child abuse in residential facilities by engaging, uniting, and empowering adult survivors to become effective advocates for change.

Now – Breaking Code Silence is organizing.

Together, we will provide hope and unwavering support for survivors and for those currently institutionalized.

We believe in an inclusive culture.

To that end, we have developed an organizational structure that seeks to provide transparency and open collaboration and participation. Our leaders’ role is one of guidance and support, not one of control. This is our movement and our mission, and we will reach further and achieve greater impact by harnessing the incredible power of our collective strengths, talents, and experiences. 

We believe BREAKING CODE SILENCE has been, and always will be, for Survivors

To that end, the interim team has been hard at work getting the Breaking Code Silence 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity up and running to do this work. Breaking Code Silence will be able to accept and utilize the skills, gifts, and talents of  thousands of survivors and supporters who want to participate in creating a world where abusive programs no longer exist. We seek to be inclusive, transparent, and egalitarian as we continue to be a powerful force for change. We must stay true to our mission.

  • Our interim leadership team has designed an inclusive and stable organizational structure that will facilitate growth and prioritize survivor involvement.
  • Members of our community have developed Breaking Code Silence’s mission, vision, and values statements to align our resources and energy.
  • The interim team is partnering with organizational allies to seek grant funding for Breaking Code Silence to undertake education, outreach, research, and community organizing to protect the rights of youth in congregate care. 
  • The interim team is looking forward to rolling out our strategy to onboard all of you who are ready to participate in this movement – each and every voice matters.

The Breaking Code Silence movement has galvanized survivors, partnered with new allies, and elevated our voices and calls for change. It has not been easy, but Breaking Code Silence will work tirelessly to harness the power of a large community and address the complex problems with no easy solutions.

There may be more turbulence ahead as we tackle these challenges. There are still some pieces that are undone, and we are prepared for healing conversations in our own community. We are strong and determined in our commitment to the youth still entering facilities each day. This movement is the result of our collective resiliency. We will stay true to our mission and committed to the common good and common goal of all of us who are breaking code silence, together.

All of this is for you, survivors. Let’s get ready.

In service,

Your interim team members*,

*Your interim team members, Vanessa Hughes, Jenny Magill, and Jeremy Whiteley are tasked with creating the organizational infrastructure. Reach out anytime – we are here for you.

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