by Sydney Schuck

We are honored to be sharing the story of a brave survivor using Tiktok to break code silence and reaching hundreds of thousands of people with her story, Sophie Harned.

Sophie, also known as ‘futuretripping’ on Tiktok, is a survivor of the programs Second Nature Blue Ridge Wilderness Therapy and Greenbrier Academy for Girls. She spent her time in 2018 at these programs. During her time in wilderness therapy, Sophie developed frostbite that went untreated, developing into complex regional pain syndrome that she still struggles with today. Similarly to a lot of survivors, Sophie grappled with wondering: “In spite of all the physical pain I was in, I still so badly wanted to believe that suffering was going to be worth it. I wanted to believe the programs were good and fair. When I got to GreenBrier, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.” Sophie spoke on the cult-like practices that are infamously common in the TTI, and how she felt like she knew that she lost time for attempting suicide at fourteen years old: “…part of it was the grief over knowing I’d lost the next year of my life for trying to kill myself at fourteen.” It is common among survivors to grieve the time they lost while spent in programs, as it can be a range from a few months to years or more of time lost to the TTI. Despite many programs preventing students from speaking to one another as another form of manipulation, Sophie recounts when a comradery was formed to get through the situation they were in: “Mostly it was the kids in the programs who were brave enough to acknowledge the cruelty of the situation we were in, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.”

Watch Sophie’s videos here: