• ‍Support the efforts of Breaking Code Silence in its various local, State, Federal and Global efforts however necessary
  • Support the efforts of other Breaking Code Silence campaigns however necessary
  • Assist in researching, developing, editing, and reviewing internal documents and briefing materials, including informational memos
  • Provide direct support to senior staff in media events, including research, briefings and staffing
  • Complete additional projects and other duties as assigned
  • Change the world


  • ‍Students currently enrolled in any two or four year undergraduate, or any post-graduate program
  • Ability to self-manage and work with minimal oversight
  • Detail-oriented, with the ability to be resourceful and work independently
  • Strong analytical, writing, organizational, planning and management skills
  • Proficient in G-Suite
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with others

This internship can be part-time or full-time, is unpaid, and will be held remotely via our remote workplace over Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom. Breaking Code We’re a fully remote team with schedule flexibility. Some of us are night owls, others have kids that need help with their science project midday. We trust every person on our team to get their work done. While there are limited slots, we look forward to reviewing your application.


Breaking Code Silence is the only nonprofit organization of its kind and is engaged in groundbreaking work. We offer formal supervised internship placements for social work, law clerks, media and journalism, marriage and family therapy and Clinical Psychology students. Because we are a rapidly developing organization spanning several disciplines, our interns have the opportunity to apply skills, create programs, develop projects, and engage in a muli-disciplinary team. Our organization is trauma-informed, international, and completely remote. We operate across five divisions, with some projects including two or more divisions:


We utilize education, outreach, research, and community organizing to protect the civil and human rights of youth in congregate care. The Admin/Strategic Planning division supports the other divisions in achieving these efforts. This division is the organizational development center and manages all strategic objectives and plans, including organizational relationships, policies, infrastructure, fundraising, grant-writing, and high-level planning.

Interns gain experience with:

  • Corporate and business clerking
  • Branding and design
  • Organizational policy writing
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising
  • Event planning and support
  • Strategic development
  • Project management
  • Volunteer coordinating and engagement

Breaking Code Silence supports all survivors in honoring and affirming their testimonies, assisting with legal reporting, providing connection, and helping survivors at all stages of their journeys. We are united by our mission and actively seek to partner with similar organizations that envision a future that actively affirms the human rights and dignity of all youth.

Interns gain experience with:

  • Receiving and filing survivor reports to authorities
  • Trauma-informed interviewing
  • Advocating for children in placements
  • Providing litigation support to attorneys representing youth
  • Meeting with advisory boards to support effective change
  • Community Resiliency Model trainings
  • Advocacy and case management
  • Litigation support

In collaboration with healthcare professionals worldwide, Breaking Code Silence educates the public about the deep roots of abuse, neglect, and coercion throughout the so-called “troubled teen industry” and the congregate care system. We work to prevent future placements and encourage evidence-based community treatments that strengthen and empower youth and their families.

Interns gain experience with:

  • Social media (how the whole thing started!)
  • Media training
  • Journalism
  • Web design
  • Internal and external communication
  • Public relations
  • News and other original content

Breaking Code Silence initiates, leads, and supports research into the activities, proliferation, and long-term effects of troubled teen industry facilities and youth congregate care. With large-scale data collection and global research collaboration, we highlight the irrefutable harm of existing practices and provide assistance with both academic and legal investigations.

Interns gain experience with:

  • Data collection
  • Literature review
  • Clinical interviews
  • Trauma-informed interviewing
  • White paper/policy briefs/peer-reviewed journal article writing and submission
  • Presentations
  • Collaborate with a multi-university interdisciplinary research team to study study the impacts of the TTI and alternatives to the TTI
  • Create online and in-person professional continuing education training

Breaking Code Silence educates and collaborates with partner organizations and local, state, and federal government leaders to aid in the crafting and passage of laws that protect youth in congregate care, close loopholes of accountability, and include the testimony of survivors as central in this process. We see effective regulation as a key element in both ending and preventing institutional child abuse.

Interns gain experience with:

  • Federal Government Relations Clerk
  • Policy Clerks
  • Meeting with lawmakers
  • Developing relationships with partners
  • State statute and federal law analysis and interpretation
  • State statute audit regarding residential treatment licensing, agency rules, and procedures
  • Submission of public records requests
  • Interpretation and impact analysis of proposed legislation on the state and federal levels
  • Drafting and editing legislation
  • Needs assessments for various policy related matters
  • Researching case law
  • General clerical work

Breaking Code Silence has the opportunity to collaborate with valuable partners and experts in the fields of psychology, law, research, social media and more. These experts include senators, lawmakers, celebrities, professors, and others. Interns will have the opportunity to attend a 60-90 min seminar with a different expert each week. All interns will be invited to all of the seminars to learn from experts across a variety of disciplines.


Interns will have a supervisor who is a professional in their field of study. They will also have a direct supervisor to receive as much guidance as the intern requires. We value creating leaders. Interns will have a team they will coordinate and supervise throughout their internship in order to have opportunities to develop leadership skills.


Breaking Code Silence offers supervised internships across our organization. These are especially geared toward social work, law, media/communications, business and psychology graduate students. Our organization is fully remote and includes volunteers across the globe. The platforms we use are: Slack, Google Drive, Click -up, Zoom, Acuity, and Arrangr, along with other apps and solutions depending on the team. Since we are primarily asynchronous, successful candidates are self-managing individuals who are able to utilize the aforementioned technologies.

Policy and Legislation​

The Breaking Code Silence legislative team is currently looking for interns who are interested in supporting our efforts and joining us to create tangible policy change! Our organization has experienced rapid growth in the past year and is in need of passionate individuals to assist with vital operations. ​

Case Advocate​

The Case Advocate is responsible for working directly with children or youth, their families, their supportive persons, and the systems that impact them to advocate for compassionate care that centers the child’s wishes and respects their human rights..

Federal Government Relations Clerk​

Work with our Senior Director of Government Relations on drafting and editing a federal bill for introduction at the next congressional session. You will be working with key strategic partners and organizations in developing broad support for the Accountability in Congregate Care Act.

Policy Clerks​

Work with our Legislation team to conduct state-by-state audits of current child abuse, foster care, juvenile justice, mental health, and educational laws relating to the use of congregate care. You will receive an in-depth exposure to current laws, and participate with state legislative teams in developing better strategies for ensuring the safety and civil rights of vulnerable youth.

Corporate and Business Clerk

This is an absolutely amazing opportunity to help structure and shape the foundation of impact litigation efforts. You will get to help develop a revolutionary new model for impact justice and will be able to produce high-quality writing samples.

Advocacy & Case Management​

This is a great opportunity for the right person to develop supervisory skills and qualifications as you will be coordinating a team of volunteers and working directly with clients. You will work directly with the Director of Advocacy and the Organizational Director to manage outreach and advocacy efforts.​

Litigation Support​

We need someone with experience in litigation and litigation support who can help organize and coordinate documents and evidence to simplify litigation efforts across the nation. This job moves FAST, but you can expect to be receiving inbound calls from attorneys who tried the cases you read in law school. ​

News and Media Manager​

The TTI News and Media Manager builds community among our volunteers, the broader online community, and with partnering or related organizations. You will collaborate with our Social Media Lead to improve our engagement with partners and community members.​

TTI Awareness and Policy​

The TTI Awareness Editor for Breaking Code Silence will follow TTI journalism and congregate care policy closely, using this knowledge to engage diverse audiences and increase our reach and influence. ​

Project Manager​

Breaking Code Silence seeks an enterprising and experienced project manager with an editorial/journalism background and successful management and supervisory experience to support the development of new and developing journalism program​


Send a Cover letter, your CV and 1 – 3 letters of recommendation to or use the link below

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