Eagle’s Rest Ranch/Havenwood Ranch (2020-present) Cedar City, UT

History and Background Information

Havenwood Ranch (previously called Eagle’s Rest Ranch) is a behavior-modification program that opened in 2020. It is marketed as a Residential Treatment Center for teenager girls (14 to 17) who are struggling with trauma and reactive attachment disorder.

The program is located at 8097 W 2000 S, Cedar City, UT 84720. Eagle’s Rest Ranch also reports that it is a sister program to Zion Hills Academy and Havenwood Academy, which both share the same Cedar City address as Havenwood and are also part of the HOPE Group.

Until recently, The Hope Group was the overall program and Zion Hills, Eagles Rest, and Havenwood were the names of the three houses they owned. All of the kids at those three facilities were in the same program and would attend school together at a separate, common location. They were all connected and sometimes kids are moved from one house to another if there were ongoing social problems. To clarify, the three names are the same program, just different places the kids lived.

In August of 2021, The Hope Group has rebranded. Now, the entire program is called Havenwood Academy. Eagles Rest Ranch is now called “Havenwood Ranch (HWR).” Zion Hills Academy is now called “Havenwood North (HWN).” And the house that was called Havenwood Academy, is now “Havenwood South (HWS).” So, “The Hope Group” no longer officially exists. As stated previously, Havenwood Academy recently purchased a huge chunk of land for the program. The goal for the company is that in the next 2+ years, all of Havenwood will be moved to that campus. The HWR house is already on that land.

Founders and Notable Staff

Eric Allred is the Executive Director of the HOPE Group and the Executive Director of Eagle’s Rest Ranch. He is also the Assistant Clinical Director of Havenwood Academy. He is also a member of the board of NATSAP.

Program Structure

Like other behavior-modification programs, Eagle’s Rest Ranch uses a level-system consisting of six levels, which are called “privileges”. The names of the levels/privileges are reported to be:

  • Safety:
  • Canyon Lands:
  • Arches:
  • Bryce Canyon:
  • Zion:
  • Grand Canyon:

These levels are identical to those used by the other HOPE Group programs, Zion Hills Academy and Havenwood Academy.

Abuse Allegations and Lawsuits

Survivor/Parent Testimonials

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