Eagle Ranch Academy (2005-present) St. George, UT

Residential Treatment Center

History and Background Information

Eagle Ranch Academy is a behavior-modification program founded in 2005. It is marketed as a co-ed treatment center for troubled teenagers aged 12-17. ERA has a maximum enrollment of 57, and the average length of stay is reportedly between 8-10 months, but can be much longer if the teen is deemed resistant. The tuition is reported to be around $800 per day.

The program is located as 115 W 1470 S, St. George, UT 84770, which is the former location of Brightway Adolescent Hospital which was a notoriously abusive (and now-closed) WWASP program. For this reason, Eagle Ranch Academy is suspected of having connections to WWASP. In addition, the program model, jargon and methodology of ERA is very similar (if not identical in some ways) to the WWASP Program model.

ERA claimed at one time to be accredited by the SAIS and SACSCOC, however, this was never true. The program now claims to be accredited by CARF International, but it is important to note that CARF has accredited several controversial programs, such as Narconon, which is a Scientology organization which promotes the theories of founder L. Ron Hubbard regarding substance abuse treatment and addiction at Utah State.

Founders and Notable Staff

Paul Arslanian is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Eagle Ranch Academy. He is the brother of David Arslanian. Before founding ERA, Paul worked as a football coach with his brother.

David (“Dave”) Arslanian is the Co-Founder and Admissions Director of Eagle Ranch Academy. He is the brother of Paul Arslanian. Before founding ERA, Dave worked as a football coach with his brother at Utah State. In 2000, Dave sued the university after he fired for hiring his brother, Paul Arslanian, as offensive coordinator against the president of the school’s wishes. Additional Information: COLLEGE FOOTBALL; Lawsuit Challenges Hiring and Firing

Kelly Jo Miller was the Program Director of ERA. She previously worked at SunHawk Academy and Spring Mountain Treatment Center. She is also the Vice President/Owner of Journeys Adolescent Services, which is a teen “transport/escort” company which is hired to kidnap children and take them to these types of programs. She also reportedly has a daughter (Sierra/Cierra) who works at ERA and has been reported to be physically abusive towards the children there.

Katherine Benson worked as the Assisstant Program Director of ERA. SHe previously worked in the same position at SunHawk Academy.

Various other staff members have come to ERA after working at SunHawk Academy, which is a reportedly abusive (and now-closed) behavior-modification program located nearby in St. George.

Program Structure

Like other behavior-modification programs, Eagle Ranch Academy uses a level-system. Student progress through the program by completing “packets” which are the equivalent to levels. Each packet has a set of assignments the teen must complete to be eligible for the next packet. The packets are based on values and are reported to be:

  • Discovery
  • Honesty
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Service
  • Trust
  • Respect

Teenagers at Eagle Ranch Academy are also forced to participate in a series of “seminars” (see LGAT), which are used by many behavior-modification programs (including the notoriously abusive WWASP programs) in order to brainwash residents and force submission.

The teenagers are divided into 3 “Family Groups” which are composed both male and female residents.

ERA vehemenently denies any association with WWASP, however, it is a common practice for WWASP programs to close and reopen under new names on the same property. ERA actually posted a “Response to Hate Groups” in which they tried to respond to many claims of abuse that have been made against them.

Abuse Allegations

Eagle Ranch Academy is reported by many survivors to be an abusive program. Allegations of abuse that have been reported by survivors include: violent reatraints, solitary confinement as punishment, dehumanization of the teenagers there, and widespread brainwashing/cult-like techniques. ERA is also suspected of being affiliated with the confirmedly abusive WWASP organization, although ERA vehemenently denies these allegations.

Survivor/Parent Testimonials

10/29/2020: (SURVIVOR) “Eagle Ranch is abusive! I’m 22 years old now and I’ve blocked out two years of my life from my mind. I was sent to ERA when I was 14-15 and I don’t ever recall anything from that time until recently. Staff, especially their beloved “academic coordinator” (Meghan P), were degrading and dehumanizing. Also Katherine B. was a tyrant. In no setting is it ethical or right for CHILDREN to earn basic human rights and label it as PRIVILEGES. This place strips you of your identity. Let’s not even get into the “seminars” we were forced to participate in. This place is not therapeutic despite the sub-par “therapists” they provide. Most of the children there were on medication, and I was one of the few that were not on any. I have severe trauma, trust issues and memory loss from ERA. Do not send your children here. Anyone who says this place ‘saved’ them is a prime example of the program doing exactly what they intended.” – Jully (WWASP Survivors)

9/29/2020: (SURVIVOR) “Was at ERA for 7 months and witnessed many children be restrained by several adults at once. Ive seen children be degraded and treated as subhuman or “non-working”. Ive seen children be forced into isolation for months at a time where they couldn’t even talk to friends or staff. I could go on and on all day about this places inhumane practices. If your child is an addict in any way this place will not help. Ive never seen a single student leave and get better what so ever. If your child has behavioral issues the same is true they will always get worse. For depression and suicide this is the WORST possible decision you could make for your child.” – Survivor (WWASP Survivors)

1/13/2020: (PARENT) “DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS PLACE!!! It is a FILTHY TORTURE facility. Our daughter was assaulted her first day there and then restrained by an adult male that drug her in a neck hold down the hall and placed her face down on a FILTHY floor. My husband watched the video with the police and it was clear our daughter wasn’t the aggressor. She also slept on that filthy dirty floor for 14 days. The entire staff has a scam they work together when parents are searching for a safe place their child could get inpatient therapy. You will hear anything they know parents want to hear to gain your trust, child & money. Once they achieve that your child is taken away to “intake” stripped from everything and demands a cavity check. The Facility Staff swears you will be in contact with your child!!! BULLSHIT ! When you email the staff members it takes several days to get a response and it is all smoke and mirrors that your child is happy and doing well,making friends. LIES LIES Truth is they are being taunted by the EVIL staff members behind closed doors… they love seeing kids cry so they can tell them they will NEVER leave that place or see their families again. My daughter watched younger kids trying to commit suicide there bc they want to talk and see their parents. There is ZERO COMMUNICATION with you and your child. The staff tell you your child can start mailing postcards to you immediately – LIES the staff read them and throw them away bc the child is desperatly trying to let their parents know they are being lied to. There is feces in the bathroom soap dispensers, my daughter saw writing in blood on a wall. This place considers them a “Choice Based” program. Let me explain what that really means.. If your child chooses not to participate in their brainwashing- cult like shit they are tortured!! kIds are walking around sick with swine flu, athletes foot, food poisoning and if your child throws away food they don’t eat they are punished by the psycho cook and forced to eat cold oatmeal for three days. Atleast that is what our daughter was forced to eat.. Im sure other kids have had to eat garbage. That PLACE NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND SHUT DOWN AND THE OWNER AND STAFF NEED TO BE IN PRISON. Prison wouldn’t come close to this place, it would’ve been a luxury to the kids that are stuck in that place – HELL ON EARTH!!!! PLEASE GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THERE IF YOU HAVE ANY THERE.” – Carrie (Yelp)

2018: (PARENT) ” ERA falsely claims they are accredited by the SAIS and SACSCOC on their home page. I have spoken to both agencies and confirmed ERA is not accredited by either. ERA’s “accredited” education program does not include a geography curriculum which is a requirement for graduation. Because of this, my son will not be able to graduate on time after spending over a year at ERA. ERA never provided me with an Enrollment Agreement. I was never given the opportunity to read, ask questions or sign the Enrollment Agreement. I had to constantly hold ERA accountable to follow their own program. For example; “Amnesty Letters” were never exchanged as outlined by ERA’s treatment program. Another example was when I had to remind a counselor to share the “forgiveness letter” after the packet was completed. No case information was exchanged between counselors when one quit and another took over. We had to start over and valuable time, progress and momentum was lost. It was frustrating to both my son and myself. My son’s “staff” signed off progress on his work packet. When his “staff” was re-assigned, the previous progress was rescinded. Part of my son’s packet required use of the computer and printer, however the pod lost those privileges and my son was denied the ability to continue his progress. I asked for 1-on-1 updates on my son’s progress and was rarely if ever given any. ERA doesn’t provide enough information to give informed consent to medication changes. Email correspondence was sent to me from ERA that included a blind carbon copy to my ex-wife without my knowledge. This is poor judgment and deceitful. After withdrawing from ERA and revoking authorization to bill my credit card, 4 days later I received an Invoice for the next month. My son was only provided with 1 weeks’ worth of medication after being released. No direction, prescription or additional medication was provided. Multiple phone calls and emails have been left unanswered. There has been zero meaningful post-release care or support from ERA.” – rlcowley (Google Reviews)

7/31/2017: (SURVIVOR) “I lived in this slave camp for 9 months. I had been openly transgender and received 24/7 psychological torture and dehumanization. I was force fed foods that I was allergic to and which were against my religion. I was brutally beaten by my male peer roommates and then punished by staff for upsetting my attackers. My punishments included being forced to scrub urine off of walls with a toothbrush, and to use the shower and toilet with a large audience of violent, criminally insane homophobic men while i sang nursery rhymes for their entertainment. I was told by everyone 24/7 that being gay was a sick lifestyle and i was accused 24/7 of only pretending to want to live as a woman as a means of crying out for pity and attention. I was forced to particpate in humiliating illuminati ceremonies which involved listening to racist propaganda and chanting self demoralizing affirmations. I was forbidden from attending my aunt’s funeral. I was forced to surrender my diaries & journals where i recorded my abusers’ heinous acts. I was forced to do military level calisthenics when i was underweight and with fragile double joined elbows. I was forced to have a shaved head and share a bedroom alone with an older boy who had confessed to and had been caught raping another male student. One of my female friends was forced to live in a cardboard box for 3 weeks straight. I was forced to carry 6 heavy garbage bags everywhere on campus for several weeks. I was forced to recieve vaccines that are against my religion and was lied to and told i had tested positive for herpes but when i came home to my family i was tested several times and proven to be 100% healthy with zero STDs present or in the past EVER. This is just a SMALL account of my horrific ordeal. My mother was forced to pay a $75,000 ransom to bring me home. On the day when they first kidnapped me. The two men were dressed like white supremacists and had visible tattoos of white supremacy and illuminati symbols on their hands arms and FACES that i later discovered each insignia represented a human sacrifice in their illuminati rituals! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO EAGLE RANCH ACADEMY!!! IF YOU DO IT MAY BE YOUR GREATEST MISTAKE IN LIFE AND IT COULD COST YOUR CHILD THEIR OWN!!!!!!!!!” – Anonymous

2/18/2017: (SURVIVOR) “Back In 2011 I Was Sent To Eagle Ranch To Simulate Jail. That Was The Point. This Program Is Too Mean And Was. It Made Me A Mean Person And Encouraged My Meanness. Because I Also Decided To Embrace Sobriety And The Program When I First Got There I Sat At A Table where We Had What Was Called Last Ten. Where Their Is A Required 10 minutes Of Silence After A Meal. I Was With A Group At The Time Called Pod 3. Sitting At A Table I Started Talking To A Girl. The Staff Members Name Was Allen. He Told Me To Be Queit I Said Fuck You. He Ran Up And Grabed the Back Of My Neck, Threaten To Make Me Eat Carpet, Called Me Names. While I was Walking Down The Hall, He Made Sound Effects For My Footsteps Behind Me That Where To Make Me Literally Sound Like A Stupid Cartoon Character, And Kept Calling Me Billy Badass. The System used Here in 2011 Was A Packet System: Each Packet Based On A Value (Discovery, Honesty, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Service, Trust, and Respect). The Discovery Packet I Was Given To Be Completed Had An Assignment Called An “Amnesty” Which Was A Letter I Had To Read To My Parents On The phone That Was A Recount Of Not Only All The Drugs I Did, But Also All My Sexual Expericnces Using The Words “ Intercourse, Or Heavy Petting“ And Wether I Gaved Or Recived It, How Old I Was WHen It Happened, And Where I Was When It Happened. Only After I Completed That Assignment And Got My Packet Signed By All Nine Staff Members Could I Move On To The Next Packet, And Get Shoes That wernt “bob Barker” Flip Flops And Socks. Some People Sat, It Was Called “Sitting”, On Their Discovery Packet. Like One Girl There Named Seneca Who Was Mentally Ill And May Actually Be Mentally Retarded But Despite That She Was There For More Than A Year On The First Packet. The Staff Members Wouldn’t Sign Her Packet For Here To Move On To The Next One. The Staff Was Abusive And Wong To Seneca. Seneca Was A 14 Year Old Mentally Disabled Girl And Ended Up On What Was Called Literally “Hobo Assignment“. She Was To Put All Her Belongings In A Large Trash Bag And Take It With Her Everywhere She Went. If She Did Not The Staff Would Take Her Bag And Spill it On The Ground Or Poke Holes In Her bag. Along With The Students And Myself One Time Too. Seneca Was Clearly Actually Mentally Disabled Because [redacted], She Had Problems Speaking, She Loved Micky Mouse, She Had A Mickey Mouse Doll She Loved So Much, One Of Her Punishments Was Having It Taken Away. And She Told Us Storys Of Having Fell Down Stairs And We Heard Storys Of How Her Dad Would Beat Her Phisically When She Was A Baby. Seneca Was Already Predisposed Enough To Homelessness. For Homeless, The Acceptance And Practice Of it To Ever be An Acceptable Answer Especially At A Place Selling A Program To Save Lives. I Don’t Understand How Not Even The Staff members I Made Friends With Saw And Understood How Wrong They Were To Her. Eagle Ranch Reinforced The Lesson I Already Knew That That All Incarceration Is Horrific, And Unnatural And Dirty And Many Horrors And Wrongs Exist Inside All Prisons And Our Society. It May Be Positive Because It Reinforces Why I Don’t Want To Spend Time In Jail But The Only Thing That Really Made Me Understand Why I Don’t Want to Go To Jail Was Actually Going To Jail Later, Not Going To Eagle Ranch. All Rehabs And My Own Family Made Me Feel Like A Criminal. Sense I Was A Little Kid People Have Been Telling Me I Was Bad And “Catching Me “ Doing Things Than Punishing Me. Now I Don’t Believe Anybody About Anything And Feel That Most People Are Wrong And Society Is Wrong For Incarcerating People Ever For Using Drugs. Its Hard To Imagine How To Teach Both The Kids And The Parents Because Their Parents Are Usually Both Wrong Too. I Wish My Dad Would Have Inspired Me To Be More Interested In Activities And Taught Me Why Being Good Was Important But He Didn’t Really And Mom Sets Bad Examples. And Has set Bad Examples For Me My Whole Life. The Only Reason I Went To Eagle Ranch In The First Place Was Because My Aunt Told Her To Put Me There. My Aunt Who To This Day Will Only Ask Me Inappropriately At Family Parties If Im On Drugs. And Thats The Only Time We Speak And Thats Only Things She Asks Then She Looks At Me Like Im Lying. I Feel Like Eagle Ranch And AA After It Stole My Childhood In That It Encouraged Isolation From My Peers. I Never Had A Girlfriend In High school Or Went To Party’s. I Isolated To Stay Sober Because I Thought Smoking Weed Again. Would Make Me Do Heroin. Thats All Ive Got To Say Right Now” – Matthew (WWASP Survivors)

2017: (PARENT) “Worst of the worst. Expect your child to be fed the cheapest food, be watched by staff that have no other qualification other than warm blood and if you have insurance expect them to charge them $800 a day! It’s clear where the money goes in this facility and it’s not to upkeep the property or ensure the best of the best care. Some may benefit from this program, glad for them, but do not expect anything but hooks and more hooks in their contract. Buyer beware. Just my opinion.” – Victor (Google Reviews)

2016: (SURVIVOR) “The “counselors” assigned to you in the program act like they care about you when you begin going there. This is all an act, it’s a business and the only real interest here is making money. I entered this program at 17 1/2. When I turned 18, I legally signed out of the program against the wishes of my parents who had absolutely no idea the kind of place this was to live in everyday. My counselor, Gerry, that had acted like he truly cared to help me improve my life rudely shut the door in my face with trash bags in my hands full of clothes (looking like a homeless person) and didn’t offer any help to find my way back to CA, not even a dollar. Don’t put your loved one in this place. Some of the staff here are the best/nicest people in the world but beware of the true administration of this business, there is nothing caring about them when it comes down to you as a person and not a customer. Hope this review is useful to you.” – EatSleepDrive (Google Reviews)

11/24/2015: (SURVIVOR) “I am a former student from ERA. I was picked up in the middle of the night by 2 strangers and flown across the country without any explanation. I was a decent kid, i had a solid friend group, good grades in school, a job, and played on the soccer team. My parents were going through a divorce and as a last ditch effort to save their marriage they decided to put the blame for their marital issues on me. So i got sent away. I was forced to wear prison sandals. They only gave you 5 pars of underwear and you were only allowed to do laundry once a week. You do the math. The interventions were nuts. Kids would have to carry around backpacks full of rocks or sand, they practiced isolation and seclusion, and upon intake they make you do a cavity check.. I was denied the use of the bathroom one day and ended up peeing my pants after being denied for 4 hours. I wasn’t allowed communication with my parents and when I finally was allowed to talk to them (6 weeks after arriving) i was monitored so closely i couldn’t say anything. These are just some of the things that went on while i was there. Today I have my masters degree and just got licensed (LCSW)! I work very closely with government funded residential programs. I know what is legal and what is not. ERA is very much abusive. Parents: PLEASE do research before sending your child to a residential treatment center. When i was finally able to tell my parents what was happening I was pulled immediately. It was a mistake that I have gotten over and accepted as a speed bump in my life. I have built upon my horrible experience and made a career out of making sure that what happened to me does not happen again. To the people that think ERA was a good experience: maybe it was for you, and I’m not trying to discredit your opinion or your experience but I promise you this, there are better options. Some kids do need a wake up call and the “tough love” approach, but it shouldn’t come with the price that it does. No child should be denied shoes, or the bathroom, or communication with their parents. There are better options, PLEASE consider them before sending you kid to ERA.” – Former Student (WWASP Survivors)

2015: (PARENT) “This place was terrible, my child complained of abuse and when I finally pulled him out of there he had bruises and was extremely malnourished! This place claims to no longer have any ties with WWASPS but the seminar i attended and the level system the children must endure say otherwise! i would never recommend this horrid place to anyone with a child!” – Brendan (Google Reviews)

4/29/2015: (SURVIVOR) “At ERA I was told to believe and trust in my peers. I would like to point out that 90% of those peers that I was told to trust in and use the advice they gave me have relapsed and are just better at covering their mischief up. I was verbally abused on the daily by my peers, in fact I still have nightmares and anxiety attacks over the tramma I experienced their. They would play favorites with kids with well to do parents. Who they knew could afford to pay or kids who would non stop talk about their feelings. I on the other hand was left with the short end of the stick, being an introvert by nature and coming from a middle class family. I ha a very difficult time expressing my feelings, from watching a girl be cut down and told she was an idiot for feeling the way she did. I was terrified. I was then put on a project where I had to express every period of the day. After every expression I was called a liar and unbelievable because it was difficult for me talk to these people. I was brought to tears everyday. I began to believe even more that I was my “illness”. The whole reason I was sent there was for the lack of trust I had with my parents. And the suicidal outcomes that came from locking up my feelings. I wanted so badly to talk to a professional, and even sent letters home asking for the ability to talk with my counsilor on site. In the six months I was there I had three one on one meetings with my counsilor. And each one ended with her saying something along the lines of me needing to admit to all the drugs I did. This was confusing to me. I wasn’t there for drugs, in fact I had never smoked or drank at all in high school, my parents knew that too, being from Utah and LDS. It wasn’t something I desired to ever do. So that ruled out ever telling her what was going on in my heart. She denied me any interaction with my parents although I earned phone calls home. The three times I got to talk to my parents during my stay were with my amnesty reading, one therapy call and a visit that was unexpected by everybody. The unexpected visit was when I was finally able to talk to my parent one on one with out Shannon breathing down my neck. Telling me what I should and shouldn’t say. And boy when I was finally able to tell my parents about the two abusive relationships and 3 separate rape incidents without being interrupted, my parents were furious. Not with me but the program, for my therapist was telling them complete lies of what I was telling peers and what I was doing. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was so close to the end of the school year, and I being a senior who still needed to graduate. I would have been pulled that day. I left about three weeks later. ERA badgered my parents on the daily to pay them money for things that I never got, (I.e 17 therapy sessions, immunizations, and medications and also off campus trips.) ERA is a waste of money, they administration are liars and will try to scam you out of money. The abuse is real. It may not be all physical but it is mental and emotional. If you want your child to get help I would send them to a prison before I would send them here. They get the same level of treatment and it would probably cost you less.” – Former Student (WWASP Survivors)

9/15/2014: (SURVIVOR) “I’m a former student here and I would definitely say not to send your child here there are better ways of handling the problems that you are facing trust me. Many but not all the things said about this place are true. The accusations of verbal abuse drugging children and social isolation are very real. Not all the people here are bad or out to hurt people, I think they sincerely believe in what they are doing. But all to often do frustrations,bias, and judgement cloud the decisions these staff make. These people would literally tell me they had me all figured out and told me they new things about me better than I did myself. I would be denied the right to talk to my parents in the beginning AND EVEN WEAR SHOES! as you can imagine this is not easy for one to handle.especially because we were given prison sandals, and forced to do calisthenics in the cold and wet grass in the early morning. While mind you wearing nothing but these sandals and a pear of socks, which get wet and cold in no time, as well as just a t shirt and thin basketball shorts.(we were also given one change of clothes for the cold.) They shave your head if you’re a boy and give you no clothes except for the same grey or red shirts day in and day out.(just one green orange or purple shirt for a certain day of the week.) They take away your individuality and make you part of a “family”. (They actually call them pods for some reason) the staff (and even kids) would be verbally abusive to me and pretty much every one at some point in their stay. Some more than others, depending if you were willing to fall in line. I remember at one point in my stay I was made to stand up in front of a room full of people and be verbally dismantled, being told I don’t love my family and I was selfish and a brat for my choices I had made in the past. (I’m not saying I’ve never done any thing wrong we’ve all made our mistakes before.) The sad thing is I was so mentally broken down at the time I literally believed it all. I was made to believe that I was all my mistakes that I had made. I stood in front of about 20 people and cried for hours. (This was part of one of their seminars), I also couldn’t respond or defend myself against this justified form of name calling and slander. (Which happened to people almost daily in our twice a day sessions of “group therapy”)while I was there I was put on various medications including anti phsycotics and anti depressants. Medications I had no choice in taking,I quickly became a very different person turning to things I had never done before like self harm and needing to lie constantly about my true feelings. I hated it. I hated my life. I couldn’t stand it.I fantasized constantly about running away or getting “pulled” (being allowed to leave) with my peers. I noticed that the girls especially were what I would think of as brain washed. We were forced to talk about things that happened to us in our lives even if we weren’t comfortable with it, mind you they expected us to do so in front of two dozen or so people. Please think twice about this place and DON’T BELIEVE THE WEB SITE!!!! They lie about almost everything. I don’t believe they even have an updated list of the staff. The site is almost a complete lie its almost funny how stupidly absurd the lies are. I could go on about the things that happened there.and can only imagine what’s going on now. I feel for those kids I really do, the living conditions in our “cottages” were disgusting if we complained they got mad at us. You can’t really clean up after the 13 other people that live there but they would say it was up to us to keep it clean. And believe it or not some kids were used to it and just made it worse when you did clean. So doing so was pointless. But they always made sure of having every thing in order when parents were visiting. But I’m just going to stop here, I’ve spent the last 45 mins on my phone typing this up and I could still go on. If you have any questions please email me,I probably will not get on this site again. To any defenders of this place please don’t contact me in search of an argument. They go no where ive done it hundreds of times before while there and I don’t care to any more.you can think or say what you want If it worked for you that’s great. I’m just saying what I saw and what happend to me.” – not important (WWASP Survivors)

3/4/2014: (SURVIVOR) “If you think taking away shoes and socks making kids walk on hot pavement to eat every meal to where me and others had blister on our feet is right. Or letting kids sleep in a bed with no sheets and no pillows for months is helping kids learn the ways of life? I hope you never have children. I was Forcefully taken in the middle of the night handcuffed and put on a plain and mind you i had never even gone to jail or had problems with law. After i was abused and dumb at ERA for the first 3 months i had no contact with anyone in my family parents or friends. Why do they do things like that its a tact so you cant explain what really happens on a daily at era. After three months of being brainwashed and they are sure you wont bad mouth the program then you get a supervised 10 min call. Not even in jail do they not allow you a phone call for this amount of time. AS for the owners of this place that you trusted so much i maybe talked to them 2 or three times the entire time i live there saw a therapist 4 or 5. For every 1 kid this place thinks it helps there are 10 more out there it has made life pretty difficult for. People that say abuse does not go on here anger me. If you think its right to isolate kids in room alone for days or “ghost” kids for months with no contact to anyone but staff. Or that its right to restrain kid to the ground till their rest and arms bleed, tackle and presure point 12 to 17 year old children till they eat what you want them to eat or walk where you want them too. This place and any place like it are wrong in so many ways. I could write a book with all the abuse, taunting, and brainwashing i saw at era. Get real!!!! Me and 90% of the kids sent to ERA dont need treatment they need LOVE to be showed they are cared about not shipped of to people who’s true intention is to make a buck” – Dj Hansen (WWASP Survivors)

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