My name is Cat and I am on the autism spectrum. After wilderness, I was sent to Eva Carlston for depression and trauma therapy. Ironic that this place gave me PTSD.

I was sent here against my will.

I am very intelligent, and the staff knew that. However, I was punished for not being able to make eye contact, not understanding social cues, and not being able to function with the bright lights and loud noises. My therapist brought these symptoms up to the treatment team and Kristi laughed. She fucking laughed. She told me I was making it all up.

A therapist after Eva Carlston made the connection in three weeks of working with me. I was put on a talking intervention for almost three months. Kristi hated me so much she even made a special type of focus so I could never have my privs for a month. I was medically neglected and kept on stimulants when they were causing breakdowns. Kristi told me this was for punishment.

I was teased about my awkwardness by staff. Kristi told me I would never find functional love. During the time I spent there, I found out that an 18-year-old friend of mine was a pedophile going after a 13-year-old girl I knew. Only two staff were sympathetic as to how this shook me. Kristi also force-fed me red meat even though my dietary restrictions said I couldn’t eat red meat or pork. She told me I either needed to eat it or get punished. They taught me to hate myself, that I needed to be fixed. I gained disordered eating habits there that I never had before.

That’s all I can really share now for fear of triggering myself.