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Girl on the Edge

Girl on the Edge - A troubled teenager falls victim to an online predator. Unable to cope with the trauma, Hannah Green becomes self-destructive, and her parents make the heartbreaking decision to send her away to an ...

2021-08-02T11:58:56-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|

Boy Erased

Boy Erased - Jared Eamons, the son of a small-town Baptist pastor, must overcome the fallout after being outed as gay to his parents. His father and mother struggle to reconcile their love for their son with ...

2021-08-02T11:54:07-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|

The Experience

The Experience - Scarlet forms an instant bond with a girl named Dylan at a wilderness camp for troubled youth. Tormented by memories of her deceased mother, Scarlet believes she has finally found someone with whom she ...

2021-08-02T11:50:28-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|

The Wilds

The Wilds - Teenage girls from radically different backgrounds find themselves stranded on a remote island, unaware they've just become the subjects of an elaborate social experiment.

2021-08-02T11:48:30-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|

The Group

The Group - The Group is a network of adolescent drug abuse programs created by Bob Meehan and operated by his son-in-law and protege Clint Stonebraker. Ostensibly aimed at helping young people overcome drug addiction, all evidence ...

2021-08-02T11:42:03-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|


Emancipated - The Troubled Teen Industry abuses and tortures children for profit. A group of survivors, ex-abusers and whistleblowers come together to tell their story and try to get this behemoth shut down for good. ...

2021-08-02T11:36:51-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|

Boot Camp

Boot Camp - A group of at-risk teens are sent to what they think is a rehabilitation program in Fiji, but it's really a prison-like camp where kids are abused and brainwashed.

2021-08-02T11:32:34-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|

Kids for Cash

Kids for Cash - KIDS FOR CASH is a riveting look behind the notorious scandal that rocked the nation when it first came to light in 2009. Beginning in the wake of the shootings at Columbine, a ...

2021-08-02T11:27:23-07:00August 2, 2021|Categories: Links - Videos|
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