In collaboration with healthcare professionals worldwide, we educate the public about the deep roots of abuse, neglect, and coercion throughout the Troubled Teen Industry and the congregate care system. We work to prevent future placements and encourage evidence-based community treatments that strengthen and empower youth and their families.

A Trans Survivor Story

Anonymous Author One week during my wilderness therapy program, I was given an assignment to write a letter to ...

A Trans Survivor Story2022-06-24T15:35:59-07:00

No Singing Allowed

No Singing Allowed Written By Jordyn Krauss The truth can be painful. It can spark anger, sadness, or grief. ...

No Singing Allowed2022-06-24T14:30:54-07:00

Disability and the TTI

By Dr. Emmanuel Monneron As a way to celebrate "Disability Pride Month", Breaking Code Silence wants to dedicate July’s ...

Disability and the TTI2022-03-13T17:04:30-07:00

Wilderness Therapy

by Dr. Emmanuel Monneron According to the book “Adventure Therapy: Theory, Practice, and Research” (Gass, Gillis, and Russell, 2012), the ...

Wilderness Therapy2022-03-05T11:39:17-08:00

The Facility Reporting Map

New survivors are being created every day from these programs. Often when they leave, they aren’t aware of the ...

The Facility Reporting Map2021-08-28T13:16:13-07:00
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