We unwaveringly support all survivors in honoring and affirming their testimonies, assisting with legal reporting, providing connection, and helping survivors at all stages of their journeys. We are united by our mission and actively seek to partner with similar organizations that envision a future that actively affirms the human rights and dignity of all youth.

Disability and the TTI

By Dr. Emmanuel Monneron As a way to celebrate "Disability Pride Month", Breaking Code Silence wants to dedicate July’s ...

Disability and the TTI2022-03-13T17:04:30-07:00

Wilderness Therapy

by Dr. Emmanuel Monneron According to the book “Adventure Therapy: Theory, Practice, and Research” (Gass, Gillis, and Russell, 2012), the ...

Wilderness Therapy2022-03-05T11:39:17-08:00

The Facility Reporting Map

New survivors are being created every day from these programs. Often when they leave, they aren’t aware of the ...

The Facility Reporting Map2021-08-28T13:16:13-07:00

Ben Trane Loses Appeal, Ordered to Prison for Sex Abuse

On August 13, Judge Mark Kruse entered an order indicating the conviction of Ben Trane stands and ordering Trane ...

Ben Trane Loses Appeal, Ordered to Prison for Sex Abuse2021-08-16T01:41:23-07:00

How EMDR Changed My Life

Sweating, heavy breathing, uncontrollable weeping, darkness, yelling, sheer terror...it was like I was back there all over again, but ...

How EMDR Changed My Life2021-06-24T11:09:08-07:00
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