In collaboration with healthcare professionals worldwide, we educate the public about the deep roots of abuse, neglect, and coercion throughout the Troubled Teen Industry and the congregate care system. We work to prevent future placements and encourage evidence-based community treatments that strengthen and empower youth and their families.

How EMDR Changed My Life

Sweating, heavy breathing, uncontrollable weeping, darkness, yelling, sheer was like I was back there all over again, but ...

How EMDR Changed My Life2021-06-24T11:09:08-07:00

What is “Waking Up”?

A common experience among the survivor community is the phenomenon of “waking up.” Waking up is the realization, often ...

What is “Waking Up”?2021-06-01T09:27:29-07:00

Sequel – The Unlucky 13

Another Sequel Youth and Family Services facility has closed, marking the 13 closures for this for-profit troubled teen industry ...

Sequel – The Unlucky 132021-05-21T21:08:39-07:00
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