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National Network for Youth

National Network for Youth - The National Network for Youth (NN4Y) is dedicated to preventing and eradicating youth homelessness in America. We work in communities with youth who have experienced homelessness, service providers, and systems to help accelerate ...

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Michigan Center for Youth Justice

Michigan Center for Youth Justice - We work to advance policies and practices that reduce confinement and support trauma-informed, racially equitable, socio-economically and culturally responsive, community-based solutions for Michigan’s justice-involved children, youth and young adults

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Juvenile in Justice

Juvenile in Justice - We work with educational institutions and non-profits to better understand and/or explain the needs, policies, strategies, and resources required to facilitate better outcomes for the 53,000+ children in custody every day.

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Children’s Rights

Children's Rights: Protecting kids - Every day, children are harmed by America’s broken child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and healthcare systems. Through relentless strategic advocacy and legal action, we hold governments accountable for keeping kids safe and healthy. ...

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Stop Hurting Kids

Stop Hurting Kids - The Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusion (APRAIS) is a coalition of organizations and advocates who dedicate their time and resources to ending restraint and seclusion abuse in U.S. schools. Each day, ...

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National Disability Rights Network

National Disability Rights Network – NDRN is the nonprofit membership organization for the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems and Client Assistance Programs (CAP). This includes hospitals, nursing homes, schools, or other treatment centers

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TASH – TASH is an international leader in disability advocacy. Founded in 1975, TASH advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with significant disabilities and support needs – those most vulnerable to segregation, abuse, neglect, and institutionalization. TASH ...

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