I came to this place after a stay in a short-term facility named Valley in Arkansas. I arrived at White Horse Ranch and within 2 days, they cut me off all my medications completely cold turkey. Instead, they replaced all my medication with one single medication. I was thrown into an angry and depressed state for days. As a result, I had the police called on me 3 times. I was hand-cuffed while being screamed at. The next day, I chose not to get out of bed. Instead, I just laid there all day. When they called me down to get my meds, something just came over me. They handed me the whole bottle so I just grabbed it and took them all as I ran to the bathroom. I just cried and cried as the staff pulled me out and sat me on the couch where they proceeded to call the owner of this facility when she got there I started getting cold and fading in and out she told them “ don’t call 911 “ I started to realize that nobody was coming. No one was gonna save me. I was just going to die here on this couch around. No one I loved. By the grace of god, one of the staff called for an ambulance when they could barely get a read on my pulse. I had to be rush to the hospital to have my stomach pumped and be on an IV. I hate that place. I hope people never send their children there.