Breaking Code Silence is working tirelessly to end institutionalized child abuse in residential care facilities. It’s at the very core of our mission, and it’s why we stand beside Chula Vista Safe in demanding an end to the development of a new Acadia facility in the Eastlake/Rolling Hills Ranch Communities.

Facilities within the United States that promote themselves as “residential therapeutic care facilities” have had a long stained history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect of the vulnerable children under their care. Often these facilities are unregulated, under regulated, or under enforced, providing opportunities for abuses to occur that often go unseen.

Acadia currently operates over 580 facilities within the U.S., with over 18,000 available beds in 40 states. Worldwide, they bring in $3 billion annually. They recently settled a court case for $17 million over an alleged billing scheme, the largest settlement in West Virginia history.

Between 2014 and 2018, Acadias Oasis facility near Phoenix had been investigated numerous times for allegations of abuse and neglect within that one singular facility. These reports also included forged documents, sexual abuse, failure to provide safe houseing for patients, runaways, suicide attempts, and understaffing. Acadia facilities can not only harm those within their walls, but pose a threat to the communities they are in and the children they are meant to help.

We stand with the concerned residents who make up the Chula Vista Safe community and strongly oppose the development of this Acadia facility.

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