About Lisa Spears

Lisa Spears holds a Master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University, The Hague, and are a co-author of the largest Cold War History archive told from an Eastern perspective. They apply their academic and professional background to the Troubled Teen Industry, exposing the use of mind control, thought reform, and brainwashing. They started Thought Reform Thursdays for this purpose. They were detained at La Europa Academy in Utah, from 2005-2006.

Get Over It? The Surprisingly Pervasive Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adult Mental and Physical Health

Many practitioners of various kinds are beginning to agree on one thing: there is a very strong link between adverse childhood experiences and adult health problems, mental and physical.  Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have a tremendous impact ...

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Religious exemption – Or excuse for abuse?

Circle of Hope may be finally closed, but for many of the victims, the fight is not over.  Stephanie and Boyd Householder, former long-time directors of a “troubled teen industry” program called Circle of Hope, were arrested ...

Sequel – The Unlucky 13

Another Sequel Youth and Family Services facility has closed, marking the 13 closures for this for-profit troubled teen industry giant. Northern Illinois Academy is the latest closure since 2019. There has been a long history of reports ...

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