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Media Lead for Breaking Code Silence

Conversion Therapy – The Longterm Effects

It’s Pride month in the United States, and while celebrations of diversity and inclusion are underway, many in the LGBTQIA+ community are struggling with a very dark and troubling past. For some community members, there is pain ...

Breaking Code Silence statement in support of Chula Vista Safe

Breaking Code Silence is working tirelessly to end institutionalized child abuse in residential care facilities. It’s at the very core of our mission, and it’s why we stand beside Chula Vista Safe in demanding an end to ...

Student Dies by Suicide at the Grove School, a Boarding School for “Struggling Adolescents”

SUNDAY, MAY 23rd - This past week, a young girl took her own life while under the care of the Grove School, a therapeutic boarding school in Madison, CT. Full details have yet to be released; however, ...

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