What a month! Our incredible volunteers are working hard and making progress on numerous projects and programs.

Our Advocacy teams have been very busy and honored to offer our full and multi-faceted support and experience to families, attorneys, and local DHS and other government representatives on several cases where a family needs help rescuing a child that has been abused and/or put in danger by a TTI program.
Awareness teams have also launched multiple program investigation and awareness campaigns, as well as shared our experience with survivors outside of the organization wanting to spread awareness about the dangers of their specific program. These campaigns have worked in the past to limit new enrollment and in a few cases, contribute to the closure of abusive programs.

We’d like to highlight a few Awareness movements regarding the abuses in wilderness programs and RTCs. Check out the Instagram pages for Stop Second Nature and Uinta Academy.

With the Program Reporting Map, developed by our Information and Technology team volunteers, we continue to encourage and show survivors how and where to report the abuses they experienced and witnessed to appropriate agencies.The Legislative team is continuing to meet with and establish relationships with valuable partners across the country. The team participated in the recent Judge Rotenberg Center protest to make our voices heard in support of ethical and safe treatment. The Breaking Code Silence Program Archive has already been instrumental in supporting advocacy cases, research projects, and journalists. With already over 18,000 documents currently available, this ongoing project has only just begun its mission of preserving and organizing all amassed documents and records relating to the troubled teen industry. We continue to pull and then share various state’s DHS records for facilities. Please see our How-To Guide for using the archive

Our website’s interface is seeing continued improvements, making it easier than ever for site visitors to find needed resources. We recommend sharing this Red Flags List with anyone you may meet who is considering residential treatment for a child.

Our Research teams are admirably capable and ambitious, and they have been developing and making significant progress on several important projects. The team has joined forces with other researchers at several universities, research centers, and trauma recovery institutes. We are excited to share some of them soon.
With the dedication of Research and Program Investigation team volunteers, one of the contributions we will be able to offer in the near future is the largest, most detailed, chronologically organized diagram of the troubled teen industry as a whole.
Thought Reform Thursdays consistently offers an amazing resource for anyone interested in better understanding the troubled teen industry, including its psychology, and the community of survivors it has spawned.
We welcome new volunteers! Please join us and click this link to sign up. So far, we have onboarded over 130 volunteers, with several more scheduled for interviews in the next week. We are intentionally creating a healthy community that honors and holds space for all survivors.
We are becoming a force to be reckoned with. We are here to make this world a safer and more inclusive place for all, and we could not do it without this amazing community of survivors and advocates.Together, WE are Breaking Code Silence!