In the early morning in 2009, I was woken up with strangers asking me to get up or they will use force. My dad just stood in the hallway looking at them as they were taking me. When we got to the airport, I was still so confused about the situation. The escorts told me to shut up and that I was going to Provo, Utah. 

When I got to Utah, I was stripped searched upon arrival at Provo Canyon School in “obs” or observation. It was a school day that day so I was on Investment until the Orientation unit came up to the dorm. After school ended, I was handed a book to read about the dorms. I had no idea what a “Class 2” or “Class 3” was. The orientation staff ended up calling a “Dial 9”  and restrained since I was asking so many questions and the staff thought I was being rude. 

I spent about half my stay on investment getting bullied, yelled at, restrained, and injected with “booty juice.” The first few weeks went on and on. Then it was months just sitting on a chain in Investment and looking at a wall. On Investment, you can hear the screams from the girls getting slammed by staff. After a few months in Investment, they put me in the downstairs old transition Obs where I was naked with no clothes, shoes, or access to water with one male staff watching me. The male staff would laugh and make fun of my body during this time. 

Once I got off of Investment, I was upstairs in dorm 3 with a 25-year-old girl in charge of about 15 of us. Sometimes she would ask us if we could see the hickeys on her neck – which struck me as completely unprofessional.

I thought life would get a lot better with my status advancement but it just made everyone hate me because I was forced to do what staff wouldn’t do like junk on the bunk and talk to my peers. At one point, I had a seizure from all the meds that they had me on. When I was taken to the hospital, I was instructed to not say anything to the hospital staff. 

It’s 2020 and I still have trauma from the school. I can’t believe this school is still open.