I was 13 years old when I went to Provo Canyon School.  While there, I was repeatedly sedated using Haldol injections for outbursts. I had a bad reaction to the medication that almost killed me. It required at least 3 shots of Benadryl to relax my muscles plus 1 loving doctor who ended up quitting and who later opened his own school. Besides the injections, I was in isolated for days and nights freezing in Obs. I was slammed to the ground and choked by staff.  I was no angel but I was 13 years old and only 120lbs. They were grown men.

My parents flew out for a weekend pass at one point while I was part of hotel status. My mother saw my hip area and how ugly it was from all the injections. We enjoyed the rest of the weekend together and that Tuesday, my father returned and pulled me out of the program. I didn’t go home with him. Instead, I went to that loving doctor who had quit Provo Canyon School for not agreeing with the treatment  I could write a book on my life at this point.  It’s been a rough one ever since the other schools were systematically abusive. I could go on with horrors I’ve experienced at the hands of facilitators. Thank you for your time reading my story.