“Alien on Earth”

I walk amongst your people. I even wear your skin. But you wouldn’t ever notice, I blend right in. No need to fear, I’m not here on purpose. I got lost in my travels and I feel so worthless. Have you ever been alone and secluded? Unable to communicate so your words become muted. Disowned by my people, left on earth as a penance. This is no way to live, but it is a life sentence. Disconnected, introspective, and misunderstood. I watch the world pass me by from underneath my hood. I see a world filled with madness, chaos, and disarray. I inhale deeply telling myself, it’ll all be okay. But I’m trapped on a planet on which I don’t belong. To me, what is right is to them what is wrong. Floating along, I continue to cruise. No purpose, no passion, and nothing to lose. I stay for them, not for me. Because someday they’ll see me. Not today. Not tomorrow. But someday they’ll need me.

-Julian C. Hersh